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Bridge Luncheon
May 18th

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Welcome to St. John's

St. John’s Episcopal Church is a vibrant, welcoming and diverse community of faith located in the heart of the Litchfield Hills that is actively engaged in a mission of outreach to its immediate community and the wider world.

Our call is to a mature living Christianity where Scripture, Reason, the Sacraments and apostolic Tradition offer us a glimpse of the Holy and enrich our spiritual and devotional lives.

We are progressive in our understanding of the Church’s mission to bring Christ to all people, orthodox in our theology, traditional in our liturgy and catholic in our devotional practices.

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Give Local has extended its challenge until 7pm today to compensate for the technical glitches that crashed the site on Tuesday...
We are overjoyed at the generous response of all our friends whose gifts have taken us to the top of the Leaderboard....Thank you, thank you.....!! We are most grateful for your support....Every donation makes repairing the roof and mortar before another winter passes a more realistic possibility.....
The other good news is that if you haven't made a donation, you still have time!!! 

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